Trains, planes and billion-year-old water

20130510-220407.jpgThinking about taking your bicycle on Amtrak? Folding bicycles can be stored in carry-on luggage, but full-size machines can be a challenge. Here’s a brief summary of the state of bicycles on U.S. trains. (DC Streetsblog)

Two stories about bicycles in flight caught my eye this week. On the ground, the British Paravelo is a folding bike that pulls a trailer until transformed into a wheeled paraglider. It’s claimed that “the entire assembly is small and light enough to carry into an office or flat and taken on public transport.” And yes, it’s also a Kickstarter project.  (Guardian)

The other flying bike is more speculative. As far as I can tell, this wingless electric Czech machine has only been operated by remote control, though its six propellers are thought capable of lifting a person weighing around 160 pounds. Volunteers? (Telegraph)

Long cargo bikes with low platforms behind the front wheel typically use two headsets: at the fork and, farther back, supporting the handlebars. A long strut under the platform connects the base of the handlebar column to the fork, allowing the bicycle to be steered. But there are other possibilities, including this bike equipped with an intermediate headset at the front of the platform. (BikeHacks)

Sara H. commutes around Bloomington-Normal on a green Civia with a spacious front rack. She contends that professional bicycle fitting sessions aren’t just for competitive cyclists, saying, “If you haven’t had a serious bike fitting, I totally recommend it. You will be amazed at the difference a few millimeters can make in your riding.” She’s a big fan of Scott at Bloomington Cycle & Fitness. (Little Bike on the Prairie)

Who’s in charge of bicycle parts maker Campagnolo these days? Valentino Campagnolo, son of the founder, Tullio. Gary Boulanger, who interviewed him in 2008, says “His calm demeanor and soft eyes belied his uncanny resemblance to Christopher Walken, and it was apparent that he takes great pride in his company’s heritage and its products.” Good read. (Paved)

When was the last time you cleaned out your water bottle? If the contents exhibit the consistency of light maple syrup, it might be time. That, or you may need to stop filling up on Canadian water that’s been isolated from the hydrological cycle for a billion years. (The Atlantic)

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