Tot tech: Unique crank makes Dahon bicycle a twofer

dahon kids2

You’re looking at a Dahon Kids Bike, currently projected for sale in early 2014. Kenneth Fagut, Dahon’s director of sales and marketing for North America, said it was a hit with attendees at last month’s Bike PressCamp in Utah. “People are excited about the Kids Bike because it’s a twofer.”

So what’s a twofer?

Normally you move children from kick bikes (no drivetrain) to pedal bikes as they get older, but Dahon has merged the two designs into one. And it looks like the company made the switch super simple.

The rear coaster brake hub, chain, chain ring and bottom bracket bearings are present in either configuration. To add pedals, all you do is slip the crank arms into place and tighten one socket bolt.

It’s a neat feature, and I’m hoping somebody at Dahon is already thinking about scaling up the crank design for adult bikes. Folding pedals are fine, but imagine how much easier it would be to pack a folding bike in a suitcase if the drivetrain remained in place but the cranks weren’t sticking out on either side of the frame.

Suggested retail for the Kids Bike is $239.95. The bicycle includes fenders, chain guard, a front hand brake, 12-inch air-filled tires and training wheels.

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