Bad street? Streetmix it up. Plus, pedaling for sheep

bicycle-parkingWhat would Peoria’s Sheridan Road look like north of Main Street if we tried something a little different than four nerve-rackingly narrow lanes through a residential area?

Find out. Create a new cross-section of Sheridan, or any street for that matter, online. Streetmix is very much a work in progress, but it “lets you envision how a city street could be re-configured for improved livability.

“By limiting the amount of elements one can add to a street, the web-app adds the needed realistic components necessary in urban planning simulation. For every addition, something needs to be subtracted and develops very well designed artistic representations of street compositions.” (New Startups)

Bicycle riding in Wisconsin keeps getting safer, according to Dave Schlabowske, Wisconsin Bike Fed communications director. In an article discussing fatal bike crash reporting, he writes, “Many statistics show riding a bicycle to be safer than walking down stairs, taking a shower and even driving a car. When you factor in the health benefits and the reduced risk of obesogenic illnesses, your risk of dying goes down every revolution you pedal.” (Wisconsin Bike Fed)

Steel’s real, but wood’s good, too. “In what is likely a first for a wood-framed bicycle, Connor Wood Bicycles has engaged in a ground-breaking project to give an urban tree from Denver a second life as a custom-made, race-ready mountain bike (the D.U.R.T. Bike) that will face the ultimate test, the Leadville 100 race, a 100-mile mountain-bike competition that starts and ends in Leadville, Colo. on August 10th.” (Connor Wood Bicycles)

Up periscope. What does a Brompton folding bicycle race look like from the perspective of the bicycle’s seat post? Thanks to Este Encanto and his footage of the 2013 Brompton Mexican Championship, we now know. (Vimeo)

Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’. In the early twentieth century, Australian sheep shearers abandoned horses in favor of bicycles and racked up thousands of miles each year. (Velo Aficionado)

Quick brew. When you design a bike around a beer growler, you might be asked whether you designed the machine before or after you emptied the container. But here’s a better question: Why did you stop with just one growler? (Bike Rumor via The Path Less Pedaled)

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