How about a beer with that bicycle? And why is Peoria’s Knoxville Avenue such a lousy street?

P1050783The obvious difference between bicycle shops and retailers like Borders and Circuit City is that bicycle shops exist. The number of shops is down from the 1970s, but the ones that remain tend to be more profitable. Still, this is no time to be resting on the glossy microtex cover of one’s nylon carbon-reinforced saddle shell. “Around the country, bike shops are shifting gears. The National Bicycle Dealers Association 2013 survey of 4,000 establishments found that 12% have coffee bars, 11% offer spinning classes and almost 5% serve beer. About 1% offer massages, yoga or full-service restaurants.” (Wall Street Journal)

You want to turn a spot by the freeway into a public park. But it’s hard to make a park just happen. So backers of Gateway Green in Portland, Oregon, are trying a different approach: crowdfunding. “[This] public crowdfunding campaign for a state-run project is a first for Oregon (the state is managing the fundraising campaign, but the park will be managed and run by the City of Portland).” (BikePortland)

There’s a difference between roads that join communities and streets within those communities. Unfortunately, when state departments of transportation are responsible for local streets, those differences may not be understood. (Strong Towns)

Artistic bike racks—racks that look like an artist’s palette or a movie reel, for instance–involve compromises. The art side of the equation may limit the number of bicycles a rack can hold. Likewise, boosting the number of bikes a rack can hold may reduce the quality of the art. But anything is better than nothing. (Fast Company)

“It’s always a pleasure to talk bikes with Sarah Goodyear, a journalist at Atlantic Cities, but her read of our ‘Women on a Roll’ report zeroed in on a particularly important trend: ‘Bike-share is key to closing the gender gap.’” (League of American Bicyclists)

Finally, here’s a great picture of two adventurers and their bicycles before they began a transcontinental trip to New York in 1912. Still believe your equipment is keeping you from reaching your goals? (Old Oregon)

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