Complete Streets Peoria

I caught just a part of Ian Lockwood’s Complete Streets presentation to the Peoria City Council earlier this week. But upright bicycle rider Erik Reader was there.


I haven’t had a Walk On Wednesday segment in a while, but last night, Complete Streets made their way into Peoria City Hall. Last week, I received notification that Ian Lockwood was going to be presenting before the City Council.

Complete Streets 1

Mr. Lockwood has some truly impressive credentials.
A Bachelor’s Degree and a Masters Degree in Civil Engineering from Carleton University.  Ian is a Livable Transportation Engineer with AECOM, a Harvard University Loeb Fellow, and the former City Transportation Planner for the City of West Palm Beach.
For over 25 years, Ian has worked at the intersection of community design and social and economic health, doing traffic calming, road diets, context-sensitive solutions, network planning, and highway removals.  In 1995, he chaired the ITE subcommittee to officially define “traffic calming.”  In 2005, Ian helped the Complete Street Coalition define “complete streets.” He has also written reform-oriented policy regarding biased transportation language.  Ian…

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4 Responses to Complete Streets Peoria

  1. Erik says:

    Thanks for the pub Sam! I loved that the engineers I recognized from local companies were taking notes. Ummm… you have been planning and building this city for how long now??? YIKES. Good to see them there nonetheless and great presentation. Peoria needs one a week, rinse and repeat.

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