LEDs simplify bicycle routing, pedal vs. paddle in Montana. And the bike came back

fisher profileLet there be LEDs. For someone like me, a user of simple bike computers and paper maps, a smartphone seems an almost ideal way to access directional information on the road. Only two things have kept a dumb phone by my side: extortionate service plans and a less-than-desirable user interface (small, attention-robbing screen display, often washed out in bright sunlight).

I haven’t figured out any good way around the cost of smartphone service, but someone is finally working on the interface challenge.

The crowdsourced Hammerhead is a screenless, T-shaped device attached to your handlebars that captures smartphone data via Bluetooth and translates that information into flashing LED signals that indicate left and right turns.

Price is $75 during the crowdsourcing period; “over 100 dollars” when eventually retailed, possibly as soon as spring 2014. Could be just the thing to use with a bikesharing service in an unfamiliar city. (Mashable)

Pedal vs. Paddle: Two athletes will face off September 28 on five-kilometer course on Montana’s Whitefish Lake to see who can cover the most distance on water–and to raise funds for MitoCanada, a support group for mitochondrial disease patients. Greg Kolodziejzyk is the current Guinness world record holder for the most distance on flat water in 24 hours by pedal-powered boat: 245.16 kilometers (152.36 miles). Carter Johnson has the 24-hour kayak record: 241.95 kilometers (150.34 miles). I had no idea the two forms of locomotion were so competitive. Pedal, Forrest, pedal! (Pedal vs. Paddle)

The bike came back, again and again. When authorities returned a stolen bicycle to its owner, Portland (Oregon) Bureau of Transportation Director Leah Treat, it marked the third time her bicycle had been stolen and recovered. Previous “Beatrice” thefts were in Washington, D.C. and Chicago. (BikePortland)

Tern gains resources. The folks behind the folding-bicycle (okay, urban-bicycle) company Tern have more years of experience in the bicycle business than you’d think given that their company is only two years old. And now they’re in charge of a company that’s newly $4.3 million larger, thanks to private investors. (Bicycle Retailer)

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