Ian Lockwood talks Complete Streets in Peoria

20130508-092226.jpgHarvard, man. Transportation Engineer Ian Lockwood recently talked to the Peoria City Council for two hours about complete streets design. I caught just a bit of the presentation and Q&A on WCBU, and I plan to read a lot more about Lockwood.

On the one hand, amazing: two hours about designing streets for people who walk, ride bicycles, ride the bus, live nearby and yes, who drive cars–two hours about reclaiming the public spaces that make a city.

On the other hand, it’s two hours out of years of presentations by greenfield developers, big-box stores and other advocates of highways to and through everywhere. Lockwood’s presentation is an interesting data point; the question is whether it reached a receptive audience. We’ll know the answer the same way we know anything in Peoria: through the presence or absence of action. (Journal Star)

How do they pedal? Acting! When theater moves beyond the proscenium and into the world, when the players blur the line between action and viewer, what are its goals?

The folks behind Burn the Curtain–and this summer’s “The Adventures of Don Quixote by Bicycle,” performed in England and France–aim to “highlight the pleasure of physical activity, and to create a participatory event that is memorable and tied to the environment it is performed in; by creating an imaginary world within the real one, we are highlighting the natural beauty of our countryside–the story we tell here today, a child will retell themselves the next time they visit that space.” (Burn the Curtain)

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