Missouri maps the Katy, Elly tips the shops, Diane colors the Brompton

Dahon Bullhead just off the MKT trail in Columbia, Missouri

Dahon Bullhead just off the MKT trail in Columbia, Missouri

Happy trails to you. The official Missouri highway map now includes the state-spanning Katy Trail and the “newly signed US Bike Route 76 Transamerica Trail.” You can download a PDF file or request a copy of the printed map online. Mine is on the way. (Missouri Bicycle and Pedestrian Federation)

Stereotypical American bicycle shop: Male-dominated and focused on high-output cycling. Not a lot of thought to transportation, advocacy or even 51 percent of its potential customers: women. Like any stereotype, it’s an unfair generalization. But if your operation isn’t attracting female customers and the revenue that comes with them, Elly Blue has five tips you may be able to put to profitable use. (League of American Bicyclists)

Fashion over form. Diane in Singapore thought she had found the perfect tires for her Brompton: colorful and flat-free. There’s only one problem: they take “a lot more effort to maintain the same speed as regular tires.” (Unfold and Cycle)

No less than three feet. Austin, Texas, has an ordinance requiring overtaking vehicles stay at least three feet away from people on bicycles. Here’s how the police enforce it. And they do. (Biking Bis)

Like spiders? Well, have we got a folding Dahon Jifo 16 for you. (The Pocket Sized World)

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