Bicycle by Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore (Duomo)

duomo and roadster

If you’ve ever been stymied by the contention of parents, spouses or friends that “good things take time,” consider this: they’re probably right.

Example: The first stone of Florence’s main cathedral was laid in 1296. The facade was completed in 1886, 16 years after Italians largely completed the country’s unification by taking Rome from Pope Pius IX. And this magnificent rod-brake roadster with cotterless cranks, fully enclosed chainguard, twin-leg kickstand and oversized basket was added to the scene in 2013.

Which means setting up this picture took 717 years, one of the longer composition sessions of my photographic career.

Fortunately, it was totally worth it.

About 16incheswestofpeoria

Former bicycle mechanic, current peruser of books, feeder of birds.
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