Brompton to “pile into New York.” Plus, Car Brain and the walker

If you live in the United States and want to hear more from folding-bike maker Brompton, 2014 may be your year–especially if you live on the East Coast. Managing Director Will Butler-Adams: “We’re not selling the brand and communicating what a cool brand it is. We want to start shaking up America and starting to pile into New York. You’ve got to pile in.” (HSBC Global Connections)

Want to extend your commute into or even through the winter? Good for you. Check out what Mike Riggs has to offer on the topic–and be sure to stroll through the comment area after the story. Kim G writes, “I just ask people if they’d ski in such weather.” (Atlantic Cities) 

P1070881Bikeyface rides her bicycle in street clothes, which seems to generate a lot of questions. Using her powers of illustration for good, she answers some of the more common. Favorite Q&A: “You bike in those shoes? Is that safe?/Safer than walking in them.” (Bikeyface)

Why do women ride bicycles? The League of American Bicyclists tries to answer that question with a colorful graphic. One interesting finding: “78 percent of daily female riders in Seattle ride for errands.” No word on what their gender is at night. (League of American Bicyclists)

Feeling the pull of all those bicycling videos from the Netherlands? It may be easier to live and work there than you may think, thanks to the Dutch American Friendship Treaty. (Momentum Mag)

Paul Salopek is walking around the world “to retrace the pathways of the first anatomically modern humans who colonized the planet at least 60,000 years ago.” One of his findings: it’s hard to get directions from people with Car Brain. “In Saudi Arabia, I had trouble simply communicating with motorists who have lost the ability to imagine unconstrained movement to any point on the horizon.” No mention of Bike Brain. (New York Times)

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