Off the back: NYCeWheels founder Bert Cebular, 47

2/23/19 Update: NYCeWheels may be no more. See Bike Forums discussion here:

Bert Cebular, owner of NYCeWheels, consistently turned out the best product videos in the bicycle industry.

20110622-090007.jpgIf folding bicycles, electric bicycles and, of course, folding electric bicycles enjoy greater visibility in the United States today than they did a few years ago, a lot of the credit should go to Bert and the people he hired to work for him.

NYCeWheels posted a few pictures of Bert on its Facebook page. Be sure to read the captions. Here’s an article I wrote about his videos before I knew who Bert was. And here’s the Bicycle Retailer story on Bert.

He was obviously a great storyteller. Wish he could read what people are writing about him.

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