Mountain bikes are old. And celebrated

P1060546I remember when the sales floor at the old Vitesse Cycle Shop store in Peoria Heights featured exactly one mountain bicycle: a Specialized model for $750. I thought it was the neatest bike, but I wondered whether we’d ever sell it. A lot of mountain bikes have come and gone since then. Here’s an interesting website for the history buffs out there. (Vintage MTB Workshop)

Looking for a ride that celebrates the Sturmey-Archer 3-speed hub? Check out this 35-mile Bicycling Backwards event in Lake Mills, Wisconsin, on October 5. (Bicycling Backwards)

Montague Bikes offers a brief survey of various forms of pedal power. Have to say the mobile stripper’s pole is something of a surprise. (Montague Bikes)

“I still think this is probably the best article ever written about bike messengers.” That’s what a writer for Mess Media–Chronicling media issues and news related to bike messengers–says about this 1981 article from Natural History Magazine. (Mess Media)

New Yorkers, in smaller numbers to be sure, kept using the Citibike bicycle sharing program through the cold temperatures of early January. (Transportation Nation)

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