What this country needs is a good right-hand-drive tricycle


Four to six inches of snow overnight. Don’t remember hearing the snow plow, but it must have come by early in the morning. So let’s try out that new studded tire on the tricycle. I never have any problems staying upright–the problem has always been traction.


See those little circular things? Tire studs. Well, this ought to change everything, right?


Maybe it changes things a bit, but the driven wheel–that’s it, on the left, in keeping with the best traditions of British triking–is still unweighted on any road with camber. So there’s still quite a bit of wheel spin. The other two tires, by the way, have normal tread without studs.


Still, once you get the trike to a flat piece of road or, even better, a downhill, there’s not much else on wheels that’s quite as fun. Oh, and the neighbor says the pond behind his house has 15 inches of ice. Hmm. Bet that ice is pretty smooth…

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Former bicycle mechanic, current peruser of books, feeder of birds.
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