Thinking about a Bike Friday Haul-a-Day. And, cargo bikes from Texas

bystandersChoices are rarely black and white when it comes to bicycles. Say you want a cargo bike. Do you want a short wheelbase for maneuverability? Are you willing to give up a bit of carrying capacity to get it? Or do you want a long, low loading platform? If so, where are you going to park it?

That’s what makes cargo bikes so interesting–they come in wide variety of sizes and missions.

Click the link at the end of the next paragraph for pictures of one of Bike Friday’s newest designs, the Haul-a-Day, a cargo bike with 20-inch wheels front and back. The author already has a full-size Yuba Mundo, but is intrigued by the idea of a multimodal cargo bike, a bike that can be combined with train travel.

What would you do? Buy the Haul-a-Day or not? And if you buy it, do you keep the Mundo or sell it? (Tiny Helmets Big Bikes)

I’m used to reading about cargo bikes in the Pacific Northwest and the Netherlands. They’re scarce in the Peoria area. But I didn’t expect to hear anything about cargo bikes from Dallas. If you’re on a tight budget, and one-piece cranks work for you, you may find something of interest here. (Oak Cliff Cargo Bicycles)

Texas looks ready to encourage people to ride all kinds of bicycles–and not just in Austin, which I’ve come to think of as the Portland of the South. “Houston approved more than $100 million in bonds for bike trails. San Antonio plans to triple bikeable streets by 2020. Dallas unveiled plans to lay out a new network of 1,100 miles of bike lanes over the next decade. All of this is rooted in a very Texas kind of reason: City leaders realize bike lanes are good for business.” (NPR)

Closer to home, Chicago plans to add five miles of protected bike lanes and 15 miles of buffer-protected bike lanes this summer and another 30 miles of bicycle projects between the end of the year and 2015. (Chicago Tribune)


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