Day 12: #30daysofbiking


What central Illinois lacks in hills, it makes up for in wind, especially in the spring when the weather is rushing around, trying to make up the mind it doesn’t have.

Spring? Winter? Combo plate of meteorological nonsense?

Today it was spring, with a sturdy breeze straight out of the south.

And this was the scene at the turnaround point, before pancakes and coffee.

Love the high-quality aluminum and stainless steel supports of the Arkel Big Bar Bag. In addition to making it easy to install and remove the bag, the aluminum of the supports pulls off the difficult trick of looking good even when the bag is off the tandem.

Ritchey makes a nice adjustable stem that lets me raise the bars without ruining the speedy lines of the bike.

And I thought I’d capture the stem-mounted Electra bell before I replace it with one from a Kickstarter project.

Another fine day in April.

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Former bicycle mechanic, current peruser of books, feeder of birds.
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2 Responses to Day 12: #30daysofbiking

  1. Glenn says:

    With the requisite “bell selfie”. Are those Panaracer Paselas? I love those tires. Nice supple ride, but I’m not convinced the Tourguard does any good.

    • They are. 32c wide. (I’m running 35s on my Schwinn Sports Tourer.) I’ve run Continentals on the tandem, but keep coming back to the Panasonics. As for the Kevlar, the more I read Bicycle Quarterly, the more I’m tempted to go without. I always feel I’m buying extra insurance with Kevlar, but then again, I did have a front flat last year. Fortunately, had the flat going 12 mph. Five minutes earlier, we were doing 40.

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