Day 16: #30daysofbiking


I don’t know how the bike didn’t fall over when I backed up to take the picture. It was so windy I could see the trunk of the tree moving–just above the saddle.

One more day of the Twitter-promoted #30daysofbiking. First day of the year for the 2300–and I’ve been experimenting.

Last year I ran Profile Stoker 26 bars using a threadless stem on a riser, but the bars were low. So I bought a Nitto Dirt Drop stem with 100mm of reach. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the Dirt Drop (which doesn’t have a removable faceplate) around the bend of the Stoker.

Battling the impulse to order a Nitto Albatross handlebar like the one on the Schwinn Sports Tourer, I turned to the parts bin.

Hey, a pair of Cinelli Giro bars. Use a steel tire iron to open up the Dirt Drop a bit, and they slide right in.

What to use for levers? Well, not those mismatched large and small Shimano 105s. That would be goofy. But I do have a pair of Campys to go with the seatpost. Super.

Or Nuovo.

A zip tie around both brake housings, high above the stem, keeps the rear cable from flopping to the left before it enters the top tube. Finish the bars with a pair of Velox plugs, and I’m good to go.

One speed will do it. If the 2300 was a high wheeler, the front wheel would be 64 inches in diameter, 14 inches more than the wheel I rode when I owned the Kennedy ordinary. Last year I ran the bike as a fixed gear (no coasting); this year I installed a freewheel on the other side of the White Industries Eno Eccentric hub.

No need for a computer to calculate speed today. With bars this high, I might just have been faster had I headed out on foot, leaning into the breeze. But when I turned for home, I enjoyed more than a tailwind.

Let’s call it what it was: a Sailwind®.



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