The bicycle at the train station. Celebrating Eddy Merckx

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There is a metro station in Brussels seemingly dedicated to the fact that you are not Eddy Merckx.

Well, maybe not just you. I’m sure thousands of people pass through the station every day, and the vast majority are also not Eddy Merckx.

An orange bike sits in a glass case at this station, reminding everyone who is not Eddy Merckx that someone who still is Eddy Merckx traveled to Mexico City in 1972 to ride a bicycle as far as it could be ridden in one hour.

He rode 49.43195 kilometers (30.7156 miles).

After the event, he said, “I don’t think I could ever improve on this record. Yet I am convinced that one day my record will be beaten. That is the law of the sport.”

It is not the law of the sport that someone who breaks the hour record will have a metro station named after him. But this someone does.

Because he is Eddy Merckx. And this is Belgium.

Thanks for the photograph, Melanie Martin. And thanks for the link to the 1991 Owen Mulholland article, Jim Langley. You’ll find other pictures at The Vicious Cycle.



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1 Response to The bicycle at the train station. Celebrating Eddy Merckx

  1. John Marrin says:

    Come on! Tell us quasiknownothings more about Eddie Merckx.

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