Picture Mitch: Four photography tips for people who ride bicycles

Photo by Mitch Hull

Photo by Mitch Hull

Can’t wait for tips? They’re at the end of the story. But hang in there with me…

The first thing I did when I caught up to Mitch Hull back in 2012 was to take pictures of his Boxer Camponneur.

Turns out Mitch has some pretty nice cameras. He spent half a decade shooting pictures of buildings, lab equipment, food and people for one employer, did a few weddings–“the stress is not something I really need any more”–and processed photos on a 24-inch HP Designjet 130.

Photo by Mitch Hull

Photo by Mitch Hull

Tell me about that printer.

A U.S. photographer based in Paris said the Designjet 130 has the deepest blacks of any printing process. I used it to print a couple of 8-foot by 2-foot panoramas around the house. But I’m really not pursuing that business anymore. The food process improvement work at Kellogg, bike riding, home maintenance and family life take up my time.

Photo by Mitch Hull

Photo by Mitch Hull

What kind of camera do you carry?

I used to carry film and an Olympus OM-1 SLR with a wide-zoom tele lens in a handlebar bag on any ride that I thought might have interesting possibilities. I remember one time riding in a huge double paceline on DALMAC and sprinting ahead to stop and shoot the peloton from the front. Don’t have that kind of speed anymore!

Photo by Mitch Hull

Photo by Mitch Hull

These days, I carry a Canon SX260 with a 24-300 zoom equivalent lens–way better than my iPhone 5, and I love both the decent wide angle and the ability to zoom to a distant subject. Fits perfectly in a rear-facing outside pocket of the Berthoud bag.

I’ve also carried a Nikon D90 with 16-85 zoom on a few occasions.

I really don’t like the phone cameras I’ve used. The apps are cumbersome and slow to release the shutter, you have to use two hands, they’re not very wide-angle, digital zoom is lousy, etc. But I also know that the best camera is the one you have with you.

Photo by Mitch Hull

Photo by Mitch Hull

Any photography tips?

Sure. Get a bike into your shots to show it’s a bike ride. Don’t center the subject. A great photo has good light, subject and composition–you need all three! And don’t wait for the primo shot to present itself–you’ll miss the images you’ll later want.

20120415_0726You’ll find the latest pictures of Mitch Hull’s fully chromed Boxer Camponneur here, here and here.

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2 Responses to Picture Mitch: Four photography tips for people who ride bicycles

  1. Mitchimaging says:

    thanks so much Sam. you have a wonderful blog.

    I’m thinking pretty seriously about NAHBS…

    Sent from my iPod


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