Grow your own bicycle frame


Photo by Melanie Martin

Photo by Melanie Martin

Photo by Melanie Martin

Submitted for your consideration: two bicycles in Vietnam. The bike on the top, the one with the cashew-meets-elf-hat saddle, has a steel frame decorated with bamboo. The bike on the bottom has an honest-to-gosh, structural bamboo frame.

The bike on the top is for display, something to catch your attention as you shop. The bike on the bottom is road ready. And it’s nowhere close to being unique, judging by similar bicycles here, here and here.

Why build a bicycle out of bamboo? Maybe because it’s natural. Or you live near a bamboo field. Or you lost a bar bet.

I take that back. Maybe you’re trying to win a bar bet.

Or maybe, just maybe, you build with bamboo for the oldest reason that’s not really a reason at all: because you can. Or for the second oldest reason: because you think you can.

Amazing the difference one word can make.

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  1. Karen says:

    Hi, Melanie!

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