Fat times three. You’ll want to sit down for this


A Surly fork and a 26 x 4.9 tire? Sure, that happens. A Surly fork, 26 x 4.9 tire and one-piece crank? That doesn’t happen as often…


And I believe this cosmic confluence is even rarer.

But it happened at least once once. The proof is in Wheel & Sprocket’s Brookfield, Wisconsin, store.

Not big on a fat trike? How about a fat tandem?

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Former bicycle mechanic, current peruser of books, feeder of birds.
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4 Responses to Fat times three. You’ll want to sit down for this

  1. lardavis says:

    Is there a limit reached, where it would be more advantageous to go to a track (think really wide Gates belt drive) in lieu of inflated tubular interface with the Earth’s crust? Would we need two parallel, with independent drive/brake so we could skid-steer? Or would we just make a vehicle where we sit inside the “ferris wheel” and stay upright by gyroscopic or side-thrust-rocket means?

    • Two possible outcomes of wide-tired tricycles: 1) In the future, tires become so wide that tricycles effectively become single-track machines, like bicycles, only more awesome, or 2) We all go back to riding downhill inside washing machine tubs.

  2. I’ll bet it is hard to get it moving.

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