Released into the wild: Bicycle ride t-shirts from the 1990s


There’s been a lot of great food served on the No Baloney Ride over the years. No baloney, however. All photos by Lar Davis.

I’m told Marie Kondo, author of “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up,” says the secret to organization is to get rid of anything that doesn’t bring you joy. This doesn’t explain where my fiber pills went or the prominence of a digital clock in my living room, but let’s assume it’s a workable strategy; it certainly is a popular one.

11036497_1016204981731370_3561995621100004912_n(Though I think skimming 4,271 Amazon customer reviews may save me from buying the book and running the risk of bringing something into my house that might b11223552_1016204628398072_5816998750959547940_ne, at best, joy-neutral, seeing as its acquisition would require the exchange of money for knowledge. And yes, I realize borrowing is an option.)

Anyway, while my friend Lar says he’s downsizing, not necessarily organizing, I’m amazed he surrendered 28 vintage bicycle-themed t-shirts to Peoria’s Salvation Army, even if they were too small to wear.

He did, however, take a few pictures before relinquishing his collection, stirring memories among those who failed to keep the same apparel as long.


Who can forget sleeping–yes, let’s call it sleeping–on a leaky air mattress at Eureka College?

11800513_1016204808398054_7676279494754887615_nThe Pedal-In name was an antique term in 1995, though you’ll note the sponsoring club had already replaced the “e” in Wheelmen with the current, gender-neutral apostrophe. By the way, have you registered for this year’s No Baloney Ride?

11800619_1016204905064711_7960506754341166592_nNo, not the Tour de Poulet of St. Louis fame, but chicken was involved and the cause remains righteous.

11826018_1016204681731400_6447942416110832096_nJust realized I might have modeled for the art at the top of this warm-weather Christmas tree. Did anyone else ride an ordinary around Bloomington-Normal?


If any ride deserved to survive on the strength of its graphics, it was PACRACC (Pantagraph Area Cyclists Ride Around Corn Country).


Twenty-five years ago, all the cool cats were wearing this. And now it’s gone. All of these great bicycle shirts–gone. Still, it could have been worse.

I could have written about the 122 running t-shirts that Lar gave away.

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