Beer-view review. Flatlander mirror


IMG_7080This may be it: the best bike mirror I’ve used since the old Bell Biker days when I could easily clip a mirror to the helmet’s hard shell. That doesn’t mean the Flatlander mirror is the best solution for you, but it’s worth looking at if you’re dissatisfied with your current options.

  • No moving parts, so it doesn’t lose its setting between rides.
  • Helmet mounted, so it doesn’t weigh down one side of your glasses.
  • Mounts without double-sided tape, a source of much frustration with other helmet-mounted mirrors.
  • Rotates with your head, allowing you to scan a wider area of the road behind you, unlike handlebar-mounted mirrors.
  • High-quality mirror is large enough for a good view, small enough that it doesn’t create a forward blind spot, and held just the right distance from the eye, so you can quickly shift focus from the mirror to the road in front of you and back again.
  • No structural plastic. The mount is as rugged and simple as it gets: a bicycle wheel spoke. Plastic mounts are bulky and, well, plastic.

What caught my attention? The New Belgium Brewing bottle cap, of course. Looking for a different brand or no brand at all? Custom caps make it easy to get the look you want.

Drawbacks? Compared to other mirrors, it may take more time to set up the Flatlander, though if you have the time, it’s set it and forget it. And you need to be careful when attaching the mirror to avoid helmet damage, so adjust the mirror when it’s not connected to your helmet.

IMG_7056Illinoisan Mike Hauptman makes two versions of the Flatlander mirror: for helmet (in two widths) or sunglasses. I bought mine from the man himself during the 2015 Midwest Tandem Rally in Rockford, Illinois, though he sells most of his mirrors through Etsy.

Questions? Email Mike at

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5 Responses to Beer-view review. Flatlander mirror

  1. Dan In Iowa says:

    Do you just mount it and then bend it to get the line of sight you want?

    • If needed, you bend the part that contacts the helmet to match the curve of the helmet. Then you slip it on and off, making adjustments with a pair of needle-nose pliers. Mike does not recommend grabbing and twisting the bottle cap itself. Mike did the initial adjustment. I tweaked it a bit more during a rest stop. And now, I don’t expect to touch it again.

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