Review while parked: Click-Stand

Amazingly stable once you lock one or both brakes.

Amazingly stable once you lock one or both brakes.

This is not a road test. This is a garage test, a rest-stop test, a two-year-parked-by-the-cafe test.

This is a test of the diner-tested, hyphen-endorsed Click-Stand, a lightweight, collapsible stick of aluminum tubing that fits between the ground and, via a rubber-coated cradle, your bicycle’s top tube. I’ve been parking my tandem with the device for two years.

U-shaped rest cradles the frame.

U-shaped rest cradles the frame.

And I’m happy to say it works. It just works.

Like parking your bike upright? It sure makes it easy to sort through a handlebar bag, seat bag, trunk pack or panniers. With a Click-Stand, you don’t have to lean your bike against a building or pole. You can park anywhere, even on an incline.

When you’re not parked, throw the compact, shock-corded collapsible device into a bag or strap it to a frame bracket. Nothing to come loose when you’re riding.

And, unlike a standard kickstand, the Click-Stand doesn’t clamp over lightweight tubing. (If you’re buying a bicycle and intending to use a regular kickstand, look for a frame featuring either a flat plate behind the cranks or mounting holes near the rear dropouts.)

The Click-Stand is especially popular among tandem teams.

The Click-Stand is especially popular among tandem teams.

The key to the Click-Stand is locking one or both of your brakes with the Brake-Bands that ship with the stand. Even if you still park by leaning the bike against a wall, Brake-Bands make it more secure. In fact, it’s amazing how stable your bicycle becomes when the wheels don’t turn.

Parked at the Horsey Hundred.

Parked at the Horsey Hundred.

And when you’re drinking coffee, the only thing that should turn is the stool you’re sitting on—right in front of the chalkboard proclaiming the pie of the day, which, in any rational world filled with bicycles and coffee, should be apple.

The only pie worth parking for.




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3 Responses to Review while parked: Click-Stand

  1. Julian says:

    Click-stands are great — especially for loaded bikes and/or tandems! A great example of a niche business that is possible largely because of the internet.

  2. mitchell hull says:

    For the past 40 years, I have used a wooden spring-loaded clothes pin jammed into the front brake lever (just pull on the brake and insert between the lever and the brake body–may have to whittle it a little for good fit) every time I park my bike, even in the garage. Makes it way more stable!!!

    I store it on a brake cable, and always carry a spare (I lose 1-2 each year). Essentially free, and faster to apply, remove and store than a velcro band around the brake lever. Never had a brake lever fail due to this use.

    I agree the Click-Stand would be highly useful when touring where there’s no handy place to lean the bike.

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