Day 29. #30daysofbiking

Only one person is judging the effect of wind on play today.

This person is focusing on his core competency.

Making a couple of adjustments. (No different from any other law-abiding citizen.)

And considering the fact that when this frame was new, Nixon was not a crook.

Of course there are plenty more things that Nixon is not now.

About 16incheswestofpeoria

Former bicycle mechanic, current peruser of books, feeder of birds.
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4 Responses to Day 29. #30daysofbiking

  1. Mitch Hull says:

    Have really enjoyed your April Days of Riding posts. Great comment on Nixon, too!

    • Thanks, Mitch. How’s the bike?

      • Mitch hull says:

        It’s great, riding a lot this past year. Using Compass tires and getting 4K on the front before rotating to the rear for another 4K. Keep experimenting with saddles though.

        I guess you’re in a 2nd or third career, got let go from Cat? I got let go from Kellogg just shy of age 62. That was last July and I still haven’t found a job. My wife doesn’t work and we really can’t afford to retire just yet.

      • 8K? That’s amazing. I’m lucky to get 2K, but then again, I’m thinking tandem mileage. I’m back in my first career; left Cat in 2015. Tried a stint as a contract worker at an insurance company, but the opportunity to dive back into bicycles was more attractive. Good luck to you and yours.

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