Day 16. 30 Days of Biking


Snow. Again.

The bluebirds sat heavy on the deck rail this morning, waiting for the mealworms that magically appear whenever the door to the deck opens. (Do they hang around to see their benefactor distribute the goodies? No. They do not. They never have.) Out at the thistle feeder, goldfinch have abandoned their winter camouflage in favor of feathers more in keeping with their name and the season.

And I’m resorting to the one machine I have that ensures I’ll stay upright should I hit a patch of black ice. This is a Scott Paisley trike and, besides a third wheel, it has something unique to my collection of wheels….


Six bottom bracket cups. You have two in the usual spot, the cranks, two supporting the left rear axle, and two on duty at either end of the right rear axle. For those playing the home version of our game, here’s what a bottom bracket looks like that doesn’t used sealed bearings.


The cranks are bolted to either end of the bottom bracket spindle (top). The fixed cup (left, with wrench flats) nestles under the chainrings on the right-hand side of the bike, and the adjustable cup is held in position with the lockring. You can use ball bearings in cages or loose bearings to complete the installation.

On the Paisley, that’s what you see when you remove the crank assembly. (All four cups at the back are adjustable.)

The back axles and housing came from England. The frame was built in Ohio.

And the weather today is just plain flaky.

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Former bicycle mechanic, current peruser of books, feeder of birds.
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