To stand and stand not, 30 days of biking, #17

Some bikes get kickstands; some do not.

This is a steel-framed Bianchi Pista, and despite sporting a front brake, handlebar-mounted water bottle and completely jacked-up 46cm Salsa Cowchipper handlebar—not the sorts of thing a traditionalist would employ when contemplating either the lane-splitting life of a bike messenger in downtown Chicago or the next mad velodrome sortie—it does not and will not be found anywhere near a kickstand.

A kickstand is fine for the folding bike or the two-speed Schwinn—I hate how autocorrect always changes Schwinn to Schwann, like Schwann made thousands of heavy, heavy steel-framed bicycles in Chicago in the 1960s—but it is anathema to a fixed-gear bike with lots of places to go and no places to stop pedaling.

Anyway, I can always lean it against the van.

Schwann. Hmph.

April 17. 12.5 miles.

About 16incheswestofpeoria

Former bicycle mechanic, current peruser of books, feeder of birds.
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2 Responses to To stand and stand not, 30 days of biking, #17

  1. Andy Stow says:

    Sweet ride! Please don’t sell that without running it past me.

    • After owning this for a number of years and not riding it much, I threw away style concerns and moved the handlebars up to where I could reach them comfortably. As a result, I ride the Pista more than any of my bicycles, with the exception of the wider-tired Diverge. Sell it? You’ll probably have to contact my executor.

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