Short Ride Index. 30 days of biking, #16

Portion of an hour the rider spent on a bicycle today, in minutes: 53

Number of wild turkeys that crossed Santa Fe Road in front of the rider: 1

Number of large round hay bales on trailer pulled by Ford F-350 climbing Blue Ridge Road: 8

Local temperature during the ride, in degrees Fahrenheit: 36

Average temperature on the surface of Venus during the ride, in degrees Fahrenheit: 864.

Year Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit was born: 1686

Year the song Venus, by Shocking Blue, was released: 1969.

Number of cassette cogs on rider’s Specialized Diverge: 11

Chance that each cog came in handy during the ride, expressed as a percentage: 100

Number of times someone could play the album-length version of Take Five during the ride: 10

Number of times the Dave Brubeck Quartet failed to play Take Five the day before everyone succeeded in keeping the beat, according to Wikipedia: more than 20

Age of the rider’s mother on that day, July 1, 1959: 28

Number of children she had at the time: 0

Number of railroad underpasses traversed: 1

Number of roads traversed that share the name of a childhood friend of the rider: 1

Number of battery-powered devices attached to bicycle: 4

Number of times Garmin Varia radar taillight unit warned of overtaking cars: 1

Number of times it should have: 1

Times the rider had used a headlight in the daytime before 2016: 0

Air pressure within tires, in pounds per square inch: 45

Tire width, in millimeters: 38

Distance traveled on gravel during ride, in miles: 1

Number of small dogs that barked at the rider as if barking were the sole prerequisite to enrolling in the only class between them and college degrees leading to guaranteed jobs on Wall Street paying insane amounts of money that would allow them to buy and bury the most advanced chew toys on the planet every second of every minute of every hour of every day of the rest of their unexplainably amped-up lives: 2

Number of times the rider has seen these same dogs on their morning walk and they didn’t bark. 0

Maximum speed achieved while coasting down Santa Fe Road toward North Hampton Road, in miles per hour: 34.6.

Average speed traveling the same stretch of road in the opposite direction the day before, in miles per hour: No idea—3.5? 4?

April 16, 10.8 miles.

About 16incheswestofpeoria

Former bicycle mechanic, current peruser of books, feeder of birds.
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