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Of course you’re not a professional—you work on your own bicycle

I am a person who rides a bicycle; like people say who shop for bikes, I am not a professional. But what does that mean, not a professional? For many customers it’s a defensive admission. I am not a professional: … Continue reading

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The One Tire. 30 days of biking, #7

Forget the internet. Forget the idea that overstressed supply chains will eventually refill local bicycle shop inventories. Instead, consider the possibility that bicycling immortality lies within your grasp—the kind of immortality that comes with getting your hands on something truly … Continue reading

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A brief history of how we got here: the speedometer

One of our founding fathers, Peter “Maverick” Mitchell, said it best when he said there is more to life than increasing its speed. There is also measuring that speed. Continue reading

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Standing up for single speed

Another winter bicycle project. Look, Ma: No derailleurs. Continue reading

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Taking a stand: A five-year-old gets his way

The kid may have understood time as an idle train blocking the crossing ahead for no good reason. Continue reading

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