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A few years ago…


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Rebuilt in central Illinois: the Royal Scot

Dave inserted the Royal Scot back into the flow of history, creating something sure to confuse anyone trying to identify this particular model. Continue reading

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Big ride (even though we haven’t been king sized since we were 13 colonies)

Is this a Schwinn I see before me? Let us now praise a big coaster-brake bicycle with full-coverage fenders. Continue reading

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They shoot old bicycle stories, don’t they?

I may be a bicycling dinosaur, but I know dinosaurs with older stories than mine. Continue reading

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In the shop: Austro-Daimler Vent Noir

In the mid-to-late 1970s, an Austrian bicycle manufacturer went upscale in hopes of capturing the enduring loyalty of bicycle enthusiasts. Steyr-Daimler-Puch made it to the 1990s before disappearing into the parts bins of several other corporations. The company goes back to a gun maker in … Continue reading

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Released into the wild: Bicycle ride t-shirts from the 1990s

If any ride deserved to survive on the strength of its graphics, it was PACRACC. Continue reading

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Loose Screws Bicycle Parts. The past has a future again

“Loose Screws is bucking the general direction for bicycles. But we won’t compromise what we do.” Continue reading

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