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Centerville Road. 30 days of biking, #9

No Arno. No architectural landmarks. No Medici. Nothing here by da Vinci, Palladio, or Michelangelo. Not even once upon a time. Indeed, little evidence of the city-state beyond the provision and grading of this road. The bicycle? Yes, evidence of … Continue reading

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Why ride an old bicycle?

Old reminds A bicycle that has grown old with you has a history. Your history. You turned it into the path and followed the path. The sun was at a certain angle. The clouds looked like animals or hats. Sometimes … Continue reading

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How the bicycle might have changed everything in 1994. Now, with footnotes

An essay from the January/February 1994 issue of Upbeat magazine. The headline, pictures, captions and footnotes are new. What with all the talk about the information highway, I got to thinking about that other highway out there: America’s everyday road … Continue reading

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Day 25. 30 Days of Biking

The past is the hitchhiker we have no choice but to carry with us. Take yesterday’s ride: my Trek 2300. Most of the air in the tires was compressed last week. The rear hub is 21st century but in service … Continue reading

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Day 18. 30 Days of Riding

When I was in my early 20s, I was sure I knew everyone in Peoria who carried a bike on the roof of their car. It’s possible: Peoria was a pretty small place back then. There was the bike shop, … Continue reading

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