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Of course you’re not a professional—you work on your own bicycle

I am a person who rides a bicycle; like people say who shop for bikes, I am not a professional. But what does that mean, not a professional? For many customers it’s a defensive admission. I am not a professional: … Continue reading

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A rose thorn is a rose thorn is a rose thorn is a rose thorn

What causes a flat tire? Often, something where it shouldn’t be: a nail in the driveway instead of a house, a glass shard on the road instead of I.M. Pei’s pyramid at the Louvre, a staple gracing the garage floor … Continue reading

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Bicycle repair: Solving a puzzle without any edge pieces

A bicycle in need of repair is a puzzle. What shifter can you find to go with the freewheel or cassette you have? Is that dirty chain in the junk box a usable takeoff or something for a backyard sculpture? … Continue reading

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Fixing unnecessary noise when you can

The guy who owns the empty property next to me is running a generator to move water up and out of an otherwise unused well. The water is piped out of the well to a five-gallon bucket a few feet … Continue reading

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Rack and fender attachment

Two nifty design ideas from my friend Dave Atkinson. First: the mono-stay connecting the front of Blackburn rack to the frame of this old Schwinn mixte. It’s curved to match the shape of the wheel and painted to match the … Continue reading

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