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The breakfast ride: Ellen gets carded

Rode to Princeville for breakfast alfresco on Saturday. That’s when I realized the big difference between small businesses and public corporations. (Given that some corporations are seemingly unaware of any difference between the two groups, this may be useful information … Continue reading

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When you don’t see the problem, what do you call the solution?

If you think things are out of control now, one question: Did you ride a bicycle before the pandemic? Continue reading

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Stopping for no good reason

Stopping is reaching a destination, the place that defines the ride. The ride to Ellen’s in Princeville, the Track Inn in Chillicothe, the Mayflower in Dunlap, One Eleven Coffee in Wyoming. Continue reading

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Your best bicycle ride

  Your best bicycle ride is your most recent solo ride. Or the most recent time you rode with a friend. Or the time you rode by yourself and your friend caught up with you on Grange Hall Road, not … Continue reading

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Days of future passed at the 2019 Midwest Tandem Rally

How do you rate yourself as a climber? Faster than a few? Slower than most? Hoping for shorter climbs? Remembering the good old days? I don’t consider myself a climber at all. Never have. And neither do people who pass … Continue reading

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