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Booking it in Door County

Inside the handlebar bag: five books I bought this summer in Door County, Wisconsin. Buying five books in a week’s time, at least once a year, is not an indulgence; it’s a necessity. I’m supporting businesses I care about in … Continue reading

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Opportunity costs and the bicycle rider

Everything you do could be something else. A day at work is a century ride. Writing a poem is fixing a flat tire. Improving that poem is fixing two flat tires in the rain, cursing your misfortune, and worrying about … Continue reading

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How missing a goal turns into seven of them

When people ask me to suggest a bicycle, I ask them about their current bicycle and what kind of riding they want to do. Sometimes I hear cautionary statements like, “I’m not a racer,” or “I’m not a professional.” Of … Continue reading

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Two rides, one morning

First ride It’s rarely windy in Springdale Cemetery. This is a plus if 1) you’re the kind of person who doesn’t like to ride a bicycle in windy conditions and/or 2) worry about possible wind-related damage to mausoleums, ossuaries and … Continue reading

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Does everyone know what time it is? That’s right: It’s coffee time!

I once lived in a house with gray siding in Washington, Illinois. You may have lived in a house made of brick in a different town. (Maybe one of straw—quick, is there a wolf outside the door?) I’m not here to … Continue reading

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