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Goodbye, N + 1

N + 1 is the formula to calculate the number of bicycles one should own. Have one bicycle? The right number to own is two. Have 15 bicycles? The right number is 16. There are at least three reasons why … Continue reading

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Day 27. 30 Days of Biking

Is it possible to buy a bicycle and not see it change in some way? Maybe. But think of the obstacles to a truly unchanged machine. Let’s say you buy the bike only to hang it up. (And aren’t the … Continue reading

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Day 15. 30 Days of Biking

A ride around the lake today. I say around, but it’s only a half circle there and back. The other half circle involves a muddy crossing of the dam. I’ve never pedaled there, and I haven’t walked it since the … Continue reading

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Day 30. #30daysofbiking

If we give objects too much power, and we do, it’s because we invest them with memory. So, what’s this bicycle about? Chicago steel. Peoria rust. A four-year-old falling off a trike and, after getting patched up and reassured by … Continue reading

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