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Bicycle boy and the terror of the total teardown: The Schwinn Sports Tourer

Submitted for your consideration: an all-steel Schwinn-approved front derailleur, disassembled, which bicycle shops used to do, just like they used to build inexpensive steel replacement wheels in the winter, just like they used to maintain cog boards so people could … Continue reading

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Strip and Give Me 34: The Schwinn Sports Tourer

I’m trying to remember a book I read back when it was important that a book have good illustrations. For once, the Internet is of no help. So, I’ll try to pass along the gist of the story as best I remember … Continue reading

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Enter the junk box: The Schwinn Sports Tourer

I’ve had junk boxes with bicycle parts in them for as long as I’ve had bicycles. The first box, established around 1971, contained one thing: a broken coaster brake axle. The only reason I kept that was to look upon … Continue reading

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40 years later: The Schwinn Sports Tourer

Update: This article shows the original condition of the Schwinn. Enjoy, but be sure to take a look at some of the newer stories, too. When I got the chance to pick up a portion of Les Siegrist’s cycling estate, … Continue reading

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