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The One Tire. 30 days of biking, #7

Forget the internet. Forget the idea that overstressed supply chains will eventually refill local bicycle shop inventories. Instead, consider the possibility that bicycling immortality lies within your grasp—the kind of immortality that comes with getting your hands on something truly … Continue reading

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Eight Simple Steps to Finding Small Bicycle Parts in the Home Workshop

There’s a difference between organizing bicycle parts and finding them. Finding parts is what you want to do. You want those Shimano SPD cleats you bought five years ago because your old ones are finally worn out. Arkel handlebar bag … Continue reading

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Three bits of bicycle knowledge everyone should possess

Bicycle tires naturally lose air If you drive a car and you’re like me, you go weeks, maybe months, before you check tire pressure. Thanks to technology, you don’t even have to remind yourself to get out the air gauge–a … Continue reading

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A brief introduction to gravity, resistance, wind, and change for people who ride bicycles

Outside forces act on us all the time. When we stand up, gravity pulls us down. When we sit down, gravity keeps us there. When we lay down, gravity covers us like an oversized version of the lead dickey the … Continue reading

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A rose thorn is a rose thorn is a rose thorn is a rose thorn

What causes a flat tire? Often, something where it shouldn’t be: a nail in the driveway instead of a house, a glass shard on the road instead of I.M. Pei’s pyramid at the Louvre, a staple gracing the garage floor … Continue reading

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