Links 3/18/15

Links from A to W. Come on, X, Y and Z!

Green: Manufacturers/marketers
Red: Bicycle shops

Added 2/3: Loose Screws Bicycle Parts and blog. And Gevenalle.
Added 2/6: Robot of the Day; updated Velo Vision
Added 3/18: Compass Bicycles, Velo Orange, The Early Morning Cyclist and The Frank Patterson Society

Arkel (Canadian bicycle bag maker. I have the company’s Big Bar Bag, a great big handlebar bag, and Bug, a combination pannier/backpack. Both are rugged carrying units whose true value plays out over the years of use you’ll get out of them. Note: The Bug’s pretty wide, so make sure you have generous chainstays and/or a rack that lets you move a bag way back.)

BentRider Online (recumbents can have small wheels, too)
BicycleDutch (Netherlands, daily commuter, follower of infrastructure developments)
Bicycle Retailer and Industry News
The Bicycle Story (From Seattle, Josh Cohen writes about the people who make bicycling great) (cycling attorney Bob Mionske)
Big Shark (I bought my Bianchi Pista from this St. Louis shop)
Bike BloNo (Promotes the bicycle for everyday transportation in Bloomington-Normal)
Bike Friday (a.k.a. Green Gear, maker of the tikit folder, other travel bikes)
Bike Friday Tikit: Review and Comparison (getting older…)
Bike Peoria (advocates, encourages and promotes a more bike-friendly city and region)
Bike Peoria Co-op (mission: to educate and empower the community by providing a welcoming space to learn about bicycle repair, maintenance practices, and road safety through outreach and advocacy activities. The greasy part of Bike Peoria)
Bike Portland (bicycle journalism from Oregon)
Bikesmith Design & Fabrication (where Nola Wilken of Restoring Vintage Bicycles, below, gets her cotter pins. Also offers a cotter press, 3-speed bottom-bracket tools, large cogs for internally geared hubs and a crank-shortening service.)
Bike Snob NYC (author, ironist; calls them like he sees them)
Mia Birk (advocate, author, planning professionial)
Brompton (British folding bicycle)
Bushwhacker (locally owned Peoria outdoor store since 1971; bicycle shop: Say Hi to my former co-worker from Vitesse, Robert Woo. I talked to Robert about a saddle and a pair of wheels)

Car Ownership Calculator (know before you go)
Champaign Cycle (I worked for owner Peter Davis during the late 1980s. I interviewed Mechanic Drew Hagen at the new Urbana store in 2014)
Compass Bicycles. (Bicycle Quarterly’s Jan Heine also sells hardgoods. “Whether you are looking for wide, supple tires that combine performance with comfort, handlebars that are comfortable even after many hours in the saddle, or front racks that can support a handlebar bag securely — you will find them here.”)
Complete Streets Coalition (promotes streets that work for all users, including people on bicycles)

Dahon (largest folding bike maker)
Disraeli Gears (all rear derailleurs, all the time. Beauty often in the eye of the person who’s not working on them)

The Early Morning Cyclist. If you like bicycle sketches and illustration (see Frank Patterson), you’ll like this artist’s work. His blog is “A sojourn into saving and riding vintage bicycles.”
Rob English (frame builder; Bike Friday tikit co-designer. I talked to Rob about a tandem recumbent and Projects Right and Light)

Fix-It Sticks (multi-tool maker from Appleton, Wisconsin. I interviewed Brian Davis here)
Folding bikes/Compact bicycles (Guest-blogged there for NYCeWheels in 2011)

The Galfromdownunder (former bicycle evangelist for Bike Friday)
Gevenalle (“The quickest integrated shifter available.” I wrote about these cyclocross-inspired drop-bar brake/shifters in 2013–when the company was known as Retroshifthere, here and here. Big fan of the shifters and The Goats.)

Harris Cyclery (merchant; detailed parts information)
The Hub (I bought my Co-Motion tandem from this St. Louis shop)
Hubstripping (shifting without derailleurs? Get the inside story)
Human Transit (public transit insights)

Illlinois Cycle & Fitness (Peoria’s oldest bicycle shop)
Illinois Valley Wheelm’n (Peoria area’s oldest bicycle club; recreational focus)

Kent’s Bike Blog (In 2005, he rode from Canada to Mexico along the Great Divide on a single-speed mountain bike. In 2011, he linked to my site. So what was he doing for six years? Writing about riding.)

Jim Langley (pages and pages of how to’s)
The Lazy Randonneur (surprisingly busy Bike Friday rider; search for New World Tourist, tikit info)
League of Illinois Bicyclists (advocacy)
Little Ade’s Bicycles (Pekin, Illinois, bicycle shop)
Loose Screws Bicycle Parts (“Hard to find bicycle parts, made easy! For both the classic and modern cyclist.” Here’s your to-do item for the day: sign up to get the blog.)
Lovely Bicycle! (“musings of a hopeless bicycle obsessionist”)

Metro Cyclery (visited Bill Tracy’s San Diego shop in 2014. Carries Brompton, Tern, Electra)
Mike’s Mega Bicycle Links (links to Illinois maps/paths/clubs)
Momentum Magazine (“smart living by bike”)
Museum of Tradesman’s Delivery Bikes (survey of 20th century cargo bicycles)

NYCEWheels (merchant; electric and folding bikes; great product videos)

Off the Beaten Path (blog by the editor of Bicycle Quarterly. Here’s where I tell you to subscribe)

Paparazzi Ristorante Italiano Favorite restaurant–well worth an evening’s visit
Park Tool Co. (tool maker; great maintenance instructions)
The Frank Patterson Society. Issues prints and books related to the 50-year career of the famed English bicycle-scene illustrator.
The Path Less Pedaled (traveling couple, lots of experience with Bromptons)
(was Bikes Belong until Sept. 18, 2013. Industry-led advocacy organization)
Peoria Area Mountain Bike Association (promotes off-road bicycling)
Peoria Bicycle Club (competitive cycling; focus on training)
Portapedal Bike (visited Al Cappello’s Tempe, Arizona, shop in 2014. Primarily carries Brompton, Tern, Montague, Moulton; orders Bike Friday, carries one Dahon: the Jetstream P8)

Reader Area Development (Pekin, Illinois, advocate of “historic preservation, community redevelopment, renovation, bike-friendly transit, and getting back to basics.”)
Restoring Vintage Bicycles (Nola Wilken focuses “on restoring French touring and randonneuring bikes and other classic lightweights.” Outstanding work. Thoughtful.) 

Ride & Run (Galesburg, Illinois, bicycle and running shop. New in 2014.)
Rivendell (merchant; good bike fit info)
Robot of the Day. (“Friendly robots. Every day-ish. Except weekends, maybe.” Or as I wrote: One doodler stands between us and robot domination. Visit his website. Learn from him. Prepare!)
Russell’s Cycling & Fitness (Washington, Illinois, bicycle shop)

Seattle Bike Blog (“pedal-powered news and opinion in Seattle, Washington. We are independent journalists working to promote the use of bicycles as transportation.”
Silent Sports Magazine
(recreation in the upper Midwest)

Strong Towns (a different approach to building communities)

Taking the Lane (“Elly Blue Publishing / Taking the Lane Media produces feminist nonfiction about bicycling. We also distribute books, zines, and other independently produced media.” Elly Blue also writes for Bicycling magazine)
Tern Bicycles (folding bicycle company launched in 2011)
tikit wiki (Sean Luke’s valuable reference for maintenance-minded Bike Friday tikit owners.)
Trykit Conversions (maker of upright touring and racing tricycles, frames and conversion axles. One-man shop in Oxfordshire, England.)

Unfold and Cycle (Singapore based, writes about Brompton M6R, Express tikit, Peerless Aero-1, Gogobike–and travel.)

Velo Orange. (Bicycle parts and more. “Our emphasis is on a more relaxed and comfortable style of riding, and on refined bikes that are comfortable on a century ride, an inn-to-inn tour, or even on a ramble down your favorite dirt road.”)
Velo Vision (U.K. Engineer Peter Eland founded this quarterly magazine focused on bicycle transportation. Under new ownership: Howard Yeomans.)
Vitesse Cycle Shop (Normal, Illinois, bicycle shop. One of the first seven Trek dealers, and, in its long-gone Peoria Heights incarnation, the source of my income for most of the 1980s.)

Alex Wetmore (always busy with something; search for tikit content)
The Wheelmen (dedicated to pre-1918 bicycles) (online map of Peoria bike racks, thanks to Mike Honnold, former Illinois Valley Wheelm’n president)
Whiskey City Collaborative (bringing together people, businesses and organizations to reshape Peoria. In other words, the cool kids)


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