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Small changes. 30 days of biking, #6

Bicycle fitting is not about arriving at a perfect, never-to-change-again position. Instead, it’s about finding a comfortable starting position and responding to change over time. Because we all change. We become more fit, less fit, tighter, more flexible, more competitive, … Continue reading

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Bike mechanics redefine income. Plus, documenting bicycle dimensions

If you think you may be replacing a bicycle in 2014, now’s a great time to capture your current bicycle’s dimensions. Continue reading

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Bushwhacker’s Woo Talks About Fitting a Noseless Adamo Saddle

There are many alternatives in the bicycle saddle world. Most saddles on entry-level bicycles are vinyl over foam over a plastic base. Some have springs or elastomer cushions to take the edge off road irregularies. Fans of Brooks saddles will … Continue reading

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Bike sharing works. Professor commutes. Bike fit links

Bicycle sharing as an idea has been around for quite a while. Amy Westervelt says the reason more programs are succeeding today is that they have business models that work. (Forbes) Jonathan Simmons has a nice essay on 83-year-old MIT … Continue reading

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