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Handbuilt wheels, crow’s feet and the Hercules

It’s a good feeling to ride atop a bicycle wheel that you have built yourself, to know that you have successfully combined an inconsequential mass of hub, spokes and rim into a critical component good for thousands of trouble-free miles. … Continue reading

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Bushwhacker’s Woo Talks About Fitting a Noseless Adamo Saddle

There are many alternatives in the bicycle saddle world. Most saddles on entry-level bicycles are vinyl over foam over a plastic base. Some have springs or elastomer cushions to take the edge off road irregularies. Fans of Brooks saddles will … Continue reading

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North end of Bushwhacker all bikes, all the time

UPDATE 11/14/18: So much has changed since this article was first published in 2011: Bushwhacker moved two miles to the northeast to the first building that owner Rich Pestien has ever owned, a single-level, 15,000-square-foot structure at 5728 N. Knoxville … Continue reading

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