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You may be about to pass a fixed-gear bicycle if…

A Campy peanut-butter wrench. One of the oldest tools I own, hanging from the seat bag of the only bike I’d use it on. That’s because the wheels of this Bianchi Pista are secured by nuts, not quick releases. So … Continue reading

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The race goes, not to the swift, but to the sufficiently tired: Benotto Modelo 3000

If the specifications sheet is correct, the Benotto originally came with Clément Criterium Seta tires. It floated on silk. Continue reading

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Campagnolo history inside a gelato shop

You’re looking at a Campagnolo Cambio Corsa derailleur, most likely from the 1940s. It’s another one of those things that I knew about from books but had never seen in person. Continue reading

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