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Bicycles on purpose in the Netherlands. Plus, car free in San Francisco

David Hembrow: “Motor vehicles were not prioritized above all other transport but careful considerations were made of where they should go and where they should not.” Continue reading

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Waiting for Jack Bauer model from Tern. And a Taco John’s turnaround

"In this case, that run down block that the city and others would like to see replaced is actually 41% more valuable than the brand new Taco John’s.” Continue reading

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Bromptons overseas, Illinois riders meet in the middle

Bicycles without drivetrains make training wheels obsolete. (Time) Seventy percent of Brompton folding bicycles are sold outside England. (London Loves Business) Picturing the Oct. 1 League of Illinois Bicyclists Meet in the Middle Ride. (Crazy Guy on a Bike) One … Continue reading

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