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A few letters shy of a sign. 30 days of biking, #23

Here’s where I realized I was old: the Radnor Grange building or, as no one refers to it today, the R Grae building. (You kind of want to dig around to see if any of the fallen letters are still … Continue reading

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The barn that saved us all. 30 days of biking, #13

“I call our world Flatland, not because we call it so, but to make its nature clearer to you, my happy readers, who are privileged to live in Space.” Edwin Abbott Abbott Before I leave home, I check wind speed … Continue reading

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Everyone knows it’s windy. 30 days of biking, #26

The problem with wind isn’t that it exists. Wind was here before we arrived, before they made the black coffee, before we decided on the lemon-raspberry muffin and the black coffee they made before we arrived. And the problem with … Continue reading

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A brief introduction to gravity, resistance, wind, and change for people who ride bicycles

Outside forces act on us all the time. When we stand up, gravity pulls us down. When we sit down, gravity keeps us there. When we lay down, gravity covers us like an oversized version of the lead dickey the … Continue reading

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