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Taking a stand: A five-year-old gets his way

The kid may have understood time as an idle train blocking the crossing ahead for no good reason. Continue reading

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The Invention of Nothing

If you like to ride road bikes and you’ve been paying attention to them for a few decades, you’ve noticed quite a bit of change, especially on the high end. In the 1980s, indexed shifting replaced the need to manually … Continue reading

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Fixing unnecessary noise when you can

The guy who owns the empty property next to me is running a generator to move water up and out of an otherwise unused well. The water is piped out of the well to a five-gallon bucket a few feet … Continue reading

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Buying a bicycle on your own

You know how to ride a bicycle. Why should buying it be any more difficult? You walk into a shop or browse a website intent on the tangibles: construction, components, brand, color, whether it’s a road bike or recumbent, mountain … Continue reading

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Days of future passed at the 2019 Midwest Tandem Rally

How do you rate yourself as a climber? Faster than a few? Slower than most? Hoping for shorter climbs? Remembering the good old days? I don’t consider myself a climber at all. Never have. And neither do people who pass … Continue reading

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The $14-thousand-dollar bike rack

On average I buy a car every 10.5 years. I don’t do it because I like cars, or because I believe cars are an unmitigated good, or because Jesus would drive a car if everyone else did. (I have nothing … Continue reading

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Into the wind with Marie Kondo

It’s a short ride for some but not for us. Not today. We leave with the wind in our faces. We return with the wind in our faces. The math of these two statements cannot be denied; we pack the … Continue reading

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