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Why to shift gears without electricity

The way I understand it, pushing a button to initiate a wireless gear change is like squirting ketchup out of a plastic bottle: the signal travels between shifter and derailleur in a straight line. My understanding, of course, is based … Continue reading

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Blinking under a sun unseen. 30 days of biking, #14

Symmetry is illusion. Viewed from the front, a traditional steel-framed bicycle has chainrings, when it has more than one, on the left. And though the pedals are mirror images of each other, one is either closer to the viewer if … Continue reading

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The original WYSIWYG. 30 days of biking, #2

A bicycle doesn’t look like anything else but but a bicycle. It doesn’t look like you or me, a soda bottle or an airplane. A bicycle doesn’t have an interior. Everything it is—with the exception of bearings and, these days, … Continue reading

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Bicycle repair: Solving a puzzle without any edge pieces

A bicycle in need of repair is a puzzle. What shifter can you find to go with the freewheel or cassette you have? Is that dirty chain in the junk box a usable takeoff or something for a backyard sculpture? … Continue reading

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Standing up for single speed

Another winter bicycle project. Look, Ma: No derailleurs. Continue reading

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