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Bicycles on purpose in the Netherlands. Plus, car free in San Francisco

David Hembrow: “Motor vehicles were not prioritized above all other transport but careful considerations were made of where they should go and where they should not.” Continue reading

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Bicycle companies: great places to work. Plus, rod-operated drum brakes

Bicycle Retailer reports more than a dozen of Outside Magazine’s 100 Best Places to Work are bicycle companies. Continue reading

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A much better user experience: Brian Davis of Fix It Sticks talks bicycle multitools, business and bird feeders

“If I had to sum it all up, this is tougher than I would have thought, but I love it. I never feel like I’m working when dealing with the Fix It Sticks business.” Continue reading

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Lightweight bicycle tool: Fix It Sticks

A while back, BikeHacks.com held a haiku contest. The prize? A set of Fix It Sticks from Brian Davis, who makes the tool in Appleton, Wisconsin. I won with the following immortal words: Once rubbed sticks for heat But now … Continue reading

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16incheswestofpeoria 1, Maya Angelou, 0

I know some will say the poet of Bill Clinton’s inaugural did not actually enter the haiku contest. And that is true. But I don’t believe that fact should be held against her nor, indeed, be used to diminish the magnitude of my own accomplishment. Continue reading

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