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Day 19. 30 Days of Biking

The idea was simple. Use other people’s money to erect two buildings on stilts in the floodplain and encourage out-of-town restaurants to set up shop. And when that didn’t work, city leaders finally decided the buildings had to go. Better … Continue reading

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Day 25. #30daysofbiking

That’s one reason I call this website 16incheswestofpeoria. Another reason? Calling it bluebobthebellbottomedbananaboy would have been confusing. Today’s ride: On the Rock Island Greenway, just south of Bicycle Safety Town. And back to the shop.

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Katy, Rock Island, Greenway trails unaffected by Supreme Court rails-to-trails ruling

Rails-to-Trails Conservancy provides list of conditions that protects some rail-to-trail and trail projects against recent court ruling. Continue reading

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A Peoria landmark you’ll be able to cross on foot or bicycle

In 2014, Peoria will gain an increasingly rare item: a new landmark, one of special interest to people who walk and bicycle, the Rock Island Greenway overpass. Continue reading

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No flood. Just East Peoria

There are two sides to any infrastructure budget: the money to build and the money to maintain. According to my friend Denny, who just took this photo, East Peoria may be overlooking that second pot of money when it comes … Continue reading

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Eat sandwich, trail user!

Should you be one of those who believe a life well lived is one that admits of no excess, behold the benefit of a slightly enlarged margin: a leftover vegetarian sandwich from my favorite St. Louis watering hole, Anthonino’s. The … Continue reading

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Detour on the KATY trail

One reason to consider Missouri’s KATY trail an intermodal highway–for pedestrian, bicyclist, horse rider (between Sedalia and Calhoun) and the occasional dog sledder–is that’s the way the Missouri Department of Transportation considers it, at least to judge by its signage … Continue reading

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