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Today’s Unsorted Top 10 List That, Once Again, is a Bit Too Long

Bananas before all they’re good for is banana bread Candied cucumbers, because Russ refuses to employ the phrase “sweet pickles” The bicycle you’re riding today The bicycle you’d like to ride The idea that this list could be of any … Continue reading

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Picture Mitch: Four photography tips for people who ride bicycles

I really don’t like the phone cameras I’ve used. But I also know that the best camera is the one you have with you. Continue reading

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How to ride a bicycle without leaving a trail

It is said–wait, I’m about to say it–that Seven on Prospect, “A Cosmopolitan Grill,” is haunted by the echo of a mechanic swearing at a dual-cable Shimano Positron derailleur. Continue reading

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Tiny tripod nice choice for bicycling photographers

If you have a picture to take, the best camera is the one you have with you. The camera you left in a bag at the back of the closet simply won’t get the job done. And since accessibility is … Continue reading

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EcoVelo compares tikit, Brompton in photos

Two folding bicycles: one from Eugene, Oregon (Bike Friday tikit), the other from London (Brompton). Two different approaches to the philosophy of folding: make it quick to fold (tikit), make it small once folded (Brompton). And two different approaches to … Continue reading

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