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Questions for the reader awheel

When you look at a bicycle, what catches your attention? The orange frame, the shiny cold-forged cranks, or the red panniers just slightly smaller than Rhode Island? When you ride a bicycle, are you more interested in the twisty gray … Continue reading

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Waving between eyeglass prescriptions

Details. I miss more of them the older I get. It’s not a matter of inattention—not for the most part—it’s the eyes or the glasses, or most likely, both. It seems progressive vision means progressively worse. Clap if you can … Continue reading

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This essay has way too many exclamation points. Go ride your bike!

People on television put a lot of effort into selling prescription drugs—and their side effects. Go ride your bike! In the United States, some believe there are two sides to any issue. Others disagree. Go ride your bike! Serious people … Continue reading

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Today’s Unsorted Top 10 List That, Once Again, is a Bit Too Long

Bananas before all they’re good for is banana bread Candied cucumbers, because Russ refuses to employ the phrase “sweet pickles” The bicycle you’re riding today The bicycle you’d like to ride The idea that this list could be of any … Continue reading

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Reading trees along the way

Trees along the way are signs that everything will be all right, even though you know everything will not be all right because everything is everything that is and isn’t right. But as the trees and miles multiply, the signs … Continue reading

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