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Rough roller: 1964 Schwinn Corvette returned to service

Economically, you can consider the Schwinn’s new seat post to be the first of several mistakes. Because there’s no way it makes any sense to return this bike to the road. Continue reading

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Mountain bikes are old. And celebrated

I remember looking at an early $750 Specialized mountain bike and wondering whether we’d ever sell it. Continue reading

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SRAM announces two-speed hub for folders

If you think about derailleur-equipped bicycles, the past 20 years have been notable for many things, the least of which is the addition of cogs to the rear end of the bicycle. Drivetrains have grown from freewheels with five and … Continue reading

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Remembering a two-speed bicycling past

In retrospect, I can see that each of the first few bicycles I owned represented yet another step toward the pinnacle of bicycledom, the Motobecane Team Champion. The very first machine was a dark-blue, solid-tired convertible (removable top tube). The … Continue reading

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