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Yuskauskas, still nice, now Peter from Brompton

I finally met Peter Yuskauskas, a tall and enthusiastic folding bike promoter, back in February 2018 at the Chicagoland Area Bicycle Dealers Association (CABDA) Expo in Schaumburg, Illinois. When I wrote about Peter from NYCeWheels in 2011, he worked for … Continue reading

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Word on the street: Al Cappello, Portapedal Bike, Tempe, Arizona

“When I get a phone call here, it’s somebody saying, hey, I love the bike, I want to order one for my wife. In architecture it’s hey, one of you guys made a mistake in the dimensions, and it’s a $25,000 mistake. Who’s going to pay for it?” Continue reading

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Word on the street: Bill Tracy, Metro Cyclery, San Diego

“I live in the east part of San Diego County. I drive down the hill from Alpine to El Cajon and then ride the bike in from there. My commute into work is 20 miles one way, and there are a couple-three decent hills in there. For five months I was riding a two-speed Brompton.” Continue reading

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Test riding Brompton bicycles in Oak Park, Illinois

I remember first seeing an early Brompton in action during the 1980s at the CABDA Midwest Bicycle Show. A man stood in an aisle with the little bicycle all day, folding and unfolding, and talking with anyone who would talk with him. I was impressed–and absolutely certain that high-quality folding bicycles would soon be found in every shop. Instead, I spent the rest of the decade selling mountain bikes. Continue reading

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Word on the street: Per Ellingson

For this Bike Peoria advocate, transportation diversity means car travel is an option, not a necessity. Continue reading

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Where bicycle wheels meet the sea

Given a sufficient budget, I’d go way overboard trying to reduce the weight of a folding bicycle. Continue reading

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Unridden Russian folding bicycle occupies Indianapolis home

In February, Craig the Architect alerted me to the heroic presence of a Russian folding bicycle within the Indianapolis gulag. An MMB3 for sale for $165 (or 4,723.57 rubles in early March). Now, thanks to Angela, a highly placed operative … Continue reading

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