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Goodbye, N + 1

N + 1 is the formula to calculate the number of bicycles one should own. Have one bicycle? The right number to own is two. Have 15 bicycles? The right number is 16. There are at least three reasons why … Continue reading

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Leaving the fold: the Tern Link P7i

Everybody came out to say goodbye to the Tern Link P7i before it wheeled its way back into the Tern Bicycles collective. If other members of the farewell party could talk, the 2011 Dahon Bullhead, the mini-velo design on the … Continue reading

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Three folding bicycles. Two pictures. One crummy driveway

If you know you want a folding bicycle, you probably also know why you want a folding bicycle, which is a good thing because there are plenty of reasons to want one and I wouldn’t be able to guess your … Continue reading

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Losing the space race with a Dahon Bullhead

There’s a transportation theory that goes something like this: Make an automobile more fuel efficient, and people will continue to use the same amount of fuel.¬†They’ll buy homes farther from work,¬†take two or three shopping trips when one, well-planned trip … Continue reading

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Dahon after Tern Bicycles: the view from Dahon

On June 19, Josh Hon, formerly with Dahon, announced the launch of a new folding bicycle company, Tern Bicycles. As a person who rides folding bicycles, I found the prospect of a new folding bike company exciting. At the same … Continue reading

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