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Rebuilt in central Illinois: the Royal Scot

Dave inserted the Royal Scot back into the flow of history, creating something sure to confuse anyone trying to identify this particular model. Continue reading

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Filling a hole with money. Or, two-buck luck

Dear Sir: While the bald rear tire of my tandem still holds air, I will tell you what a dandy duct-tape product you make. Continue reading

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Maybe the most important thing to remember about the eccentric bottom bracket shell

Not knowing how to solve the issue, I did the smart thing. I walked away from it. Continue reading

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Tandem tuneup: Thudbuster ST seatpost rebuild kit

The Thudbuster is a strong, simple design. Just like a derailleur, it’s based on a parallelogram, and it’s been on our tandem eight years. Continue reading

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Strip and Give Me 34: The Schwinn Sports Tourer

I’m trying to remember a book I read back when it was important that a book have good illustrations. For once, the Internet is of no help. So, I’ll try to pass along the gist of the story as best I remember … Continue reading

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Flat tire repair tips from the first 150 ride of the year

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “150 miles? On Wednesday evening? Starting about 6 p.m.?” You’re thinking, “Aren’t you the guy who just wrote the essay about what someone can learn about climbing from a fat guy? Which, as … Continue reading

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